Cafe Crawl Season II Finalé

Here's a Shoutout from Fitoor Inc. for your amazing response to Cafe Crawl Season II Nashik! On this day of love we would like to acknowledge and acclaim our love for everyone who was a part ..

29th January 2017

Cafe Crawl II Stop #5&6

January always begins with one of the most colorful and chill days of all. The sky is blue, our minds are light as feathers, and the world around us is instilled with hope and a new energy t ..

8th and 15th Jan, 2017 Chai Tapri

Cafe Crawl II Stop #4

A very amazeballs New Years to you all folks! You must be wondering why are you hearing from Fitoor Inc. after so long. Well, honestly we all were too hungover to get our fingers liftin' and ..

25th December 2016 SSK Le Cafatino Coffee Shop

Cafe Crawl II Stop #3

A very weird animal enters the heads of the people as the last ten of the year's days arrive. The pictures, the love, the selfies, the creativity, the jokes and memes, all take a peak like l ..

18th December 2016 The Yello Van

Cafe Crawl II Stop #2

The strings struck, lights lit, and the knobs turned to the second happiest weekend of the season for the folks of Nashik. Fitoor Inc's Cafe Crawl Season II hosted it's next stop at the SSK ..

11th December 2016 SSK Solitaire

Cafe Crawl II Stop #1

We heard that the whole city shook to the bass that roared from Fitoor's Cafe Crawl Season II's grand opening this Sunday at Soma Vine Village!
I know it because I was there; if you missed ..

27th November 2016 Soma Vine Village (Sufiaana)