Snapchat is like the ‘go-to’ app these days! And all the selfie obsessed people would totally agree on this with me. Am I right or am I right?

To be honest there’s nothing special about being a regular ‘snapchatter’ since you’ll be one of the 100 million people who use it.

But, at the end of the day we still like it. Love it? Addicted is the right word. You’ll see people using snapchat literally EVERYWHERE they go! Going to poop? Here’s a snap (believe me, I’ve been there). Waiting in the queue? Here’s a snap about how bored you are. Bored? Here are gazillion pictures in all the different filters.

Yes, these filters are pretty cute. And, going through people’s story about what they are upto is pretty interesting too. I know you like it. Everyone does!

Moreover, there isn’t any better app which helps you stay in touch with all the celebrities as well. So what if they are celebrities? They enjoy a luxurious lifestyle we all could swoon for.

So here are 7 people you HAVE to follow on Snapchat if you aren’t already. Trust me, you won’t regret this.

1. Café Crawl (@café.crawl)
If you haven’t heard already, Café Crawl is back in just 2 months! Say whaaaaaaa? Yes, that’s right! 2 months and it’s here. Go add them on Snapchat to be updated!

2. Ciara (@ciara)
Glam, glam, glam. It's okay to immediately want Ciara's life when following her snap story.

3. Sophia Amoruso (@sophiaamoruso)
The founder of the fashion company NastyGal lives a jet-setting, exotic, exciting life. Tag along while she travels and throws sass.

4. Liza Koshy (@lizakoshysnaps)
Who doesn’t enjoy a nice laugh? Well, Liza is the best person to go to when you’re in the mood for some laughter!
5. KritikaKhurrana (that_bohogirl)
Glam and goofy. That’s her style, a fashion blogger who isn’t afraid of showing her goofy side. Also, her quotes are so inspiring!

6. Shawn Mendes (@shawnmendes1)
Who wouldn’t love having a glimpse of this handsome face everyday? He tries his best to take selfies in every filter possible.

7. Kendall Jenner (@kendalljenner)
Jenner's model jet-set life is in full force on her Snapchat. She also shares artsy pictures of milestone moments, like a selfie after she voted for the first time.

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