It’s 20-friggin-17 and there’s nothing better than Instagram to keep with all that is going on around. Even the President’s are on Instagram, like c’mon!

Instagram is like the ultimate ‘show off’ social media site where people are willing to post aesthetic pictures of their summer holidays in the Bahamas (do people still go there?) or their brunch date with their BFFs at some trendy new café. It’s all about letting your ‘followers’ know where you’ve been, what you’ve eaten, whom you’ve been with, how ‘skilled’ at photography you are (even though it’s mostly filters) and to show him what he lost. You know exactly what I am talking about ladies!

But, sometimes it might get a little boring to just see all your friends faces popping up. You need something new to look at, not that I enjoy my friend’s beautiful faces (you know who you are) but, seeing different things might just make this app fun.

That is why, here I have 7 accounts that you MUST follow on Instagram. And when I emphasise on must, I really think you should go follow them right once you are done reading this post.

1. Blake Lively (@blakelively)
Oh My God. This beauty right here deserves every single follow available. Like just looking her at her face makes me happy. She sure is our girl crush! Oh, plus she is funny! What else do you need?

2. Chrissy Teigen (@chrissyteigen)
Not just, John Legend’s wife but she is a hell of a woman. Beautiful, witty, smart and fashionable. Her instagram is full of pictures of her cute little daughter, Luna and outfits and husband you’d die for!

3. Aspyn Ovard (@aspynovard)
Okay, so I could stare at her Instagram feed for hours without getting sick of it. It’s beautiful. This blogger/youtuber sure knows her way with the camera, I guarantee.

4. Sameera Nayak (@thelittleliftrises)
If you are someone who loves beautiful travel pictures along with outfits to die for, then you must follow Alia Bhatt’s BFF. Goofy yet pretty, you’d totally love her pictures!

5. Nicole (@scribblesbynicole)
She is both hilarious and realistic with her scribbles. I am sure, going through them you are going to be like ‘Omg, that’s so true!”

6. A Lady In London (@aladyinlondon)
Knowing me, there HAD to be an account about London right? Who wouldn’t like satring at pictures of beautiful London streeets or buildings? And this girl fulfils that little wish, you are going to be left awestruck!

7. Zendaya (@zendaya)
My absolute favourite! I love her style, her pictures, her quotes and omg, I am obsessed.

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