Have you ever had that one t-shirt you’ve worn like a gazillion times. And, still keep on wearing it even though everyone around you judges you for it? But then there comes a day where you yourself realize that you are sick of it and with a heavy heart throw it away? Yes?

Well, music is just like that. You listen to a song for the first time and then the second time and then you find yourself listening to over and over again until your ears fall off. Only a sane person won’t do this! But, we’re all insane right?

Anyway, personally I am a very musically driven person. I listen to music while getting ready in the morning, having my breakfast, on the way to college and probably every second of every day. Therefore, I am always on the lookout for new artists with new types of music to impress me with.

Here’s Niall Horan, you must be knowing him from his former One Direction days. But, don’t worry that’s totally in the past. He’s back with music so catchy that you’d want to throw away all the music you’re currently jamming to LOL

He’s an Irish singer and songwriter, who had first auditioned as a solo artist for British televised singing competition The X Factor. He later went on to spend 5 years as a one Direction member gained TONNES of fame and won MILLIONS of hearts of young 12 year old girls. And now, he is finally on his own. YAY.

Currently, he’s released 3 songs:
1. This Town
2. Slow Hands
3. Too Much To Ask

AND OMG ALL OF THEM ARE PERFECT. I really really reallyyyyy urge you to go listen to all of them. I am sure you’d love them!

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