Diwali, well who doesn’t love this festival? I personally ADORE it. Oh there are a million things I love about it and I am very sure you do too! Am I right or am I right?

Everything around you is pretty! There are tons and tons of lights, flowers, fooooood. Yes, that’s my one favourite thing altogether. Following are some more:

1. FOOD!
Well, yes I said that before but it requires more than one mention. Diwali is the time where you NEED your apetitie. There’s literally so much food around that you’d be good to go for the next 10 years.

2. Flaunt our favourite Desi Look
Who doesn’t want the perfect desi outfit for Diwali? Duh, everyone does, right? Planning the perfect Diwali outfit starts days...weeks…no no MONTHS ago!

3. Splurge on Gadgets
Buying gadgets during this time is probably excusable since this is the PERFECT time to buy that lates tech gadget you’ve been eyeing!

4. Diwali Card Party
Okay, do I reaaallllyy have to mention this? What’s a Diwali without a perfect Diwali card party? All your friends come together and spend their hard earned money!

5. Family Time
This is for the ones who stay away from home most of the year. Coming back to your family is probably the best feeling and oh, your mom just doesn’t stop stuffing your mouth with food. AMAZING!

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