Sad that you couldn't attend the October Fest in Munich, this year? Well, here's a GREAT news!

Grape County is here with Oktobrew Festival on 28th October, 2017. Exciting, isn't it?

There's a tonne of things you could do there right from chugging as much beer as you want to a very interesting Beer Pong Championship! This festival will literally make your weekend amazingly LIT.
Here's ALL you need to know about Oktobrew Festival through an interview with Darnish Kalra! You'll be thoroughly impressed by the end of the interview!

1. What's the whole festival about?

Oktoberfest is an annual community festival in Germany that is celebrated with a lot of joy sort of like our jatras (or yatras) in India. The mood is that of a carnival with food, games and obviously a lot of beer drinking.
The concept has become a global phenomenon and now communities across different parts of the world celebrate their version of Oktoberfest. In India, the one held by the Indo-German Chamber of Commerce in Pune is quite noteworthy.
We are excited to present Oktobrew, our version of this ‘global jatra’.

2. How did you come up with the idea?

We’ve always had a shortage of music festivals in Nashik but a lot of us do frequent ones in Pune and Mumbai. We definitely knew that there is a potential to create unique festival in the city the post-Diwali weekend seemed like the perfect way to kick off the winter fun.

3. What else can the people expect from this festival?

In my honest opinion, Grape County Eco Resort is an absolute architectural and landscaping marvel. A music festival in this setting is bound to be enchanting and unique. Obviously, we are leaving no stone unturned in creating the finest recipes from the house of Kalra’s, getting the finest craft brews to the party, a very well thought out flea market promoting hand-craft and eco arts is on offer too.

The big take away is obviously the music, curated to suit the tastes of the contemporary desi.

4. We’ve heard there’s a Beer Pong Championship happening, tell us more about it.
Yes! We’re trying out the first Beer Wealth Games that includes a lot of fun games including the Beer Pong in both carnival (fun) and tournament (championship) mode. I am very excited to have this inclusion as I love all sports!

5. Where are the passes available?

We’re selling online on BookMyShow exclusively. Besides that, we are selling through Café Bliss, The Chocolate Room and Chocolate Holidays in the city. We are obviously also selling at Grape County on the day of the festival as well.

6. Do you have any options or ‘things to do’ for non-drinkers?

So many! We have a huge focus on our culinary offering. There’s also a bunch of non-drinking games at the BWG. Besides, there’s such lovely people to mingle with and music to sway to!

7. What kind of a response are you expecting for the first Beer fest in Nasik?

Honestly, our biggest victory was to get the finest brew masters to Nashik and turning a new leaf for tourism for our city. We are keen to see how people respond to this offering and for them to have a good time. We hope to add this festival to the list of popular Oktoberfest celebrations in India.

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