Who doesn’t love burgers? Well, most of us do because of which we know the struggle of finding PERFECT, delectable burgers here in Nashik. Uff, the struggle is so real!

But, here’s some good news! There is a new burger takeaway joint in Nashik: MAD PATTIES, and I am going to tell you ALL about it. So, by the end of the post I am sure you’ll be off, ordering one very relish burger for yourself.

Before I start telling you about Mad Patties, let me mention what a wonderful idea it is and how proud it makes us all feel, here at Fitoor! Kudos to you, Rhea Gaikwad, for bringing such a unique idea into existence!

Okay, so let’s start with some basic fun facts about Mad Patties:

• EVERYTHING IS HOMEMADE. Say what? Yes, you heard that right! Everything right from the buns, to the cheese sauces we all LOVE, and oh how can we forget the crispy fries!
• They provide bacon and pork, too. How often do you hear that in this city?
• Oh and for those who get the 420 munchies in particular (if you know what I mean), there’s a special burger for you too! With TONNES of cheese, yummmmm?
• Did someone ask for fresh buns? Well, then your wish is granted! Mad Patties makes sure that you receive freshly baked buns every single weekend. I am in loveee!
• Mad Patties was started as a result of nothing to do, plus the joy of cooking and feeding friends, and the response has made it such a huge hit!

So here’s how you receive your heavenly burger:
Mad Patties posts about their newest burger every Friday on their Facebook page. Head there to know what the weekend special is!
Also, if you’re lucky, you can customise your own burger, add whatever you want and name it yourself. Cool, right?

Next step is, you call them up and order your burger! Easy-peasy lemon squeezy!

And, when you receive your box of happiness here’s what to expect in it:
• One remarkably tasty burger!
• Homemade fries!
• And, a dessert by Cake your Dreams!

They try and keep their packages as affordable as possible (entire meals ranging from INR 300 – INR 500), so you won’t leave with a hole in your pockets! AMAZING, right? I absolutely think so!

What are you waiting for? Go check out Mad Patties at their handle @madpattiesnsk on Instagram and show them some love!

Order your burger this weekend, or any time before April, because that’s when they’re bidding Nashik farewell.
Till then, bon appetite!

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