Cafe Crawl II Stop #1

27th November 2016
5pm - 10pm

We heard that the whole city shook to the bass that roared from Fitoor's Cafe Crawl Season II's grand opening this Sunday at Soma Vine Village!
I know it because I was there; if you missed it you probably missed one of the best Sunday bashes of your lifetime in Nashik!
The response from the visitors was massive and Fitoor Inc. would like to thank them all who came and brought along people and also those who tried but couldn't make it.

The winter breeze rolled in as the sun was ready to set and MH15 the band had started doing it's magic on stage with soulful music while the Fitooris were busy welcoming the super excited crowd that was filling up the entire scape of Sufiaana at Soma. The mob came in like a huge bunch of kids high on sugar, all in awe of the way we had set up the entire area Fitoor style.
There was the wine that tipped off the edge of peoples lips and rolled into the system on the soft carpets of toungue, making the experience more psychedelic than ever. There was the music that sounded in the ears but spoke to the mind. And then there was this incredible vibe that made everyone shout in euphoria!

Like we promised, the life size snakes and ladders and other crazy games made even the aged ones skip and trip like little toddlers, and the Pottery stall left people with lovely memories of the soft clay on their hands.
The night was crawling in while Eternal Riffs the band liá¹­ up the stage with Alternative Rock and Metal music, something that energized the souls of the ones blending in the oneness of the Cafe Crawl spirit.

It was great to see old friends having an impromptu meet, some acquaintances turning into life long friends, some bonding more with their loved ones, some getting introduced to new things and art; all happening at one place.
The Art stall was no less than anything else, handcrafted by our dear Fitoori artist Harsh, there were paintings and sketches and beautiful dreamcatchers that also caught the eyes of everyone who entered the space.

The most memorable thing people took away home I think was the Dance floor and how they all forgot who they are and what will people around think and just danced madly to the DJ's groove. Every single person who worked on The Fitoor crew worked hard for days to make this happen, and this amazing response from Nashik was a big pay back for us!
Keep the love coming! If you couldn't make it this time, remember, Cafe Crawl is going to be there at different spots this whole December. We're going to suck the marrow out of this 2016 till its all dry and fades away into a new year.
So stay tuned folks! You have no idea what more is to come!

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