Cafe Crawl II Stop #3

18th December 2016
5pm - 10pm

A very weird animal enters the heads of the people as the last ten of the year's days arrive. The pictures, the love, the selfies, the creativity, the jokes and memes, all take a peak like life's a fest. Its a really tricky deal to make such a mob happy; their expectations from every winter holiday eve out is way too high than ever. Because hey, it was a sucky year at least lets end it in a badass way! Well Fitoor Inc. took a swing at the artsy piñata to serve such party animals in Cafe Crawl Season II's third stop on the 18th of December 2016 in Nashik.
Last two events of the Fitoor spree had created enough buzz for the audiences to expect more and more interesting stuff (Basically, we've spoiled the people now). And so the Cafe Crawl caravan camped at the Yello Van with things the Sunday eve craved for.

The peppy environment of the Yellow Van Cafe, its aesthetically pleasing colors, and the warm lit ambience gave the chill factor to the gig. It was obviously full of the 'hot from the oven' artworks from the lovely artists of Fitoor Inc. There was the Pottery workshop at which everyone tried their hands; shaping the clay with their fingers carefully, like all expect to do with their lives. Each had fun getting their hands dirty at the pottery table as it went round and round. Lip smacking good snack and beverages courtesy Yellow Van was one of the highlights (good food always steals all the thunder from other stuff) and hence everyone had a great time hanging out, having a chat over something great to much on.

By now you should've come to know that apart from artsy stuff, Fitoor does not operate without one more thing, MUSIC!
So we had two soulful classic-acoustic performers Tanya Thevar and Anupam Kamat who instilled a lovely background score to this movie-like experience. Shreekumar Sabu (like the Pied Piper of Hamilton) got the people floating onto the heart touching notes that he played on his flute, almost hypnotic and mesmerising.
Our beloved percussionists flash mobbed the place by playing some old drums and other junk at the place, it got every body popping and grooving (so cool!).

Another most crazy thing at this event was the open canvass! Yes, we let people go graffiti on a large canvass and what is better than the freedom to art?! The people were joined by some really funky graffiti artists Ankur Humane & Abhijeet Acharya who created some unimaginable magic with their skill at paint. So we took back to our office an awesome frame of random strokes from random people that joined in to make sense to the artists in our heart.
Keep following this space and the Fitoor because the Cafe Crawl Season II has something even more crazy packed for the coming big nights!

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