Cafe Crawl II Stop #4

25th December 2016

A very amazeballs New Years to you all folks! You must be wondering why are you hearing from Fitoor Inc. after so long. Well, honestly we all were too hungover to get our fingers liftin' and writin' some shoutouts at you; and just to sugar coat our honesty, we have also been extremely busy preparing for the crazy January shenanigans we are planning for y'all to take the pleasure of in our remaining few weekenders of Cafe Crawl Season II.
Wonder what happened at the last event? Cafe Crawl hit it's sparkle hammer on the Christmas Eve at SSK's super cool Le Cafetino Coffee Shop. This 25th December saw a full music, NEON theme party. So all the Coffee Tables were off to rest for the night and the cafe had turned into a massive dance floor that dazzled with the bright neon colors and trippy heads that moved to the resonating EDM.
Performing artists included very well known local Disc Jockeys like Aarya Karnawat, Rishabh Oza & Mehul Kadam, who had the whole Christmas night merry and grooving.
Isn't festivals all about this? Getting along, having fun, being a member of the human society for a change? We are damn sure whoever you ask that was there that night, will tell you they had their best time.
That is all Fitoor Inc. is looking forward to giving all you lovely Nashikites!
So hang on to the Cafe Crawl II Pole now because the ride's about to take the roller coaster dip and restart with a bang.

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