Cafe Crawl II Stop #5&6

8th and 15th Jan, 2017
5pm onwards

January always begins with one of the most colorful and chill days of all. The sky is blue, our minds are light as feathers, and the world around us is instilled with hope and a new energy to do something better with ourselves this rest of the year.
Chai Tapri has been a long pal of Fitoor, from a time when the little Fitoor crew used one of it’s corner tables as an office throughout the days, and ideated and built the whole structure of what the company is today. Chai Tapri was in fact the first place, the first cafe to tie up with Fitoor, where the first Cafe Crawl of Season I was hosted. There was no way that the Season II could not have Chai Tapri stops, since it is so beloved by us and all of Nashik.
Chai Tapri captures the true January spirit, and hence Cafe Crawl Season II’s Stop No.5 was a games night at Chai Tapri (College Road) on 8th Jan, 2017. An evening filled with some long lost board games, a short ‘bringing back the memories’ for all of us. The eve was loaded with people since it was a Sunday, and not a single person missed the chance to become the cheating, double-crossing kid once again and play Ludo, Snakes and Ladders and Uno. There was Chess for the witty ones too. All accompanied by the amazing Chai and snack the place offers. Everyone had forgotten they were sitting in public at a cafe, it was as if they imagined themselves sitting home and fighting over little games with their siblings, their cousins, their friends. While even the Fitoor crew gave in and sat at the game tables, because you cant resist being away from such a beautiful vibe. Just a reminder of why we live and sacrifice so much to make something of our lives; its for moments like these, of comfort, of joy, of oneness, may be even bliss…
Every person has or has had a very bright and rejoiced memory related to kite flying. And hence our next Crawl had to be on the Sankrant weekend. Cafe Crawl Season II’s Stop No.6 saw a lovely Kite Festival on 15th Jan, 2017, at Chai Tapri (Niwec Club). The ides of Jan, a clear sky day met the excitement of some people eager to fly kites and have pleasure and immense joys of having spent the time with their best ones. But they didn’t just fly kites, they flew kites made by themselves. (Yes, thats how Fitoor works right?!) We conducted Kite making workshop, where our artists taught people how to DIY their own kites easily and fly them. The Chai Tapri Cafe looked like a vibrant haven with all the bright colored Kites and Origami decor that the Fitoor Crawl Wagon brought with itself. Can you imagine what a touching feeling it is, to make a kite with your hands and then fly it?!
The evening proceeded into an Unplugged Bollywood Night; where Siddhesh Mhatre (Drums & Percussions), Shubham Mandal (Vocals) and Shankul Chavan (Strings) played some foot tapping Bollywood songs, ones that we all know the lyrics to. And a bright colored kite day soothed into a serene gathering of people passionate about art and music.
You must be hating yourself if you missed out on all this!
But don’t worry, here’s your LAST CHANCE!
Cafe Crawl Season II Finale on 29th January, 2017.
This time grander, more awesome and different than any other Cafe Crawl eve, at White X Sky Lounge, Nashik!
Entry by Free Registration at +91 7038-484645

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