Cafe Crawl Season II Finalé

29th January 2017
7pm onwards

Here's a Shoutout from Fitoor Inc. for your amazing response to Cafe Crawl Season II Nashik! On this day of love we would like to acknowledge and acclaim our love for everyone who was a part of it; from our lovely Fitoor Crew, to the Sponsors, the Media Partners, the Artists, the Venues, and most of all the incredible Audience who appreciated our efforts by visiting the events!

The crawl's season II wagon came to stop on the 29th of January 2017, with a banging finalé event at the White X VIP Sky Lounge. It saw a massive crowd of people coming over to enjoy the music, the dance, the drinks and the food. The scene was nothing like what we have witnessed before at Cafe Crawl. Fitoor is extremely proud to say that this season, we had 20+ artists displaying their talent at 10 different Crawl Stops visited by over 3000 people!

It is very touching to see our baby grow. Cafe Crawl really is Fitoor's Valentine and you always want whoever you love, to grow and become something more than they were. We will be soon coming back with the season III; with bigger plans, greater artists, vaster canvasses, something more for you to satiate your thirst and hunger for art, music, and moreover, human interaction.

Till then keep following our #BlogsAtFitoor that is updated with some worthwhile Prose and Poetry everyday at; and we shall soon blast the Fitoor bomb again and Cafe Crawl colors shall fill the weekends of Nashikites! Cheers and See You Sooooon!

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